Most couples say their wedding day went by so fast that they can hardly remember anything that happened. A wedding is full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that should be documented and relived for future generations.

Why should I hire a professional videographer and photographer?
   A friend or relative may have great intentions, but it’s very unlikely they have the equipment, stamina or the know-how to produce a great product. To create great images, you must be meticulous in searching out the best angles and experienced enough to anticipate the best moments. Your wedding story is simply too important to leave to an amateur.

How do I know which vendor is right for me?
   We encourage you to shop around, and find the professional that best suits your needs. We are confident we’re among the best of the best, not only in our area, but through-out the industry. 
   The people you hire to shoot your wedding can have a tremendous effect on your wedding day. We understand that shooting spectacular wedding videos and photographs requires great sensitivity, a keen instinct for knowing when to act, when to react, and when to simply stay put.

   In addition to the quality of our work, what we convey to our clients is trust. We listen to your ideas and we address your concerns.
   No matter who you hire, make sure that you ask lots of questions. It's very important that you understand exactly what services will be provided and what will be delivered to you as the final product.

What makes Abracadabra Productions unique?
   Our creative abilities, our customer service, and our unquestionable passion for what we do sets us apart. We tell a story rather than just push a record button. Being a great videographer and photographer requires attention to miniscule details, an ability to get along with just about anyone, listening skills, the physical ability to get demanding shots, and the talent to be able to capture your individual sense of style.

What will Abracadabra's presence be like at my wedding?
   We are professionals and are very sensitive to what’s going on around us. Our primary concern is making you and your guests feel comfortable.

Will bright lights be used at my wedding?
   Abracadabra uses the finest professional HD video cameras, professional still cameras and diffused on camera lighting. These exciting low-light cameras produce sparkling images suitable for network broadcast and print magazines.
   We use professional wireless mics that produce CD quality audio and a photo/videojournalistic
camera style. This assures you and your guests an enjoyable event without disruption.   

Why should I hire a videographer and photographer from the same company?

   Consider that we work as an integrated team, with a clear vision of your end product. This means we won't be in each others shots, talking while footage is recording, or turning camera lights on and off in the middle of a shot.

Plus, when you book us for photography and video you save ten percent!

How long are my finished video and photography highlights montage?
   Typically, our finished edited videos will run about 30 to 60 minutes in length. A longer video does not mean a better video. We believe the length of a video should be determined by content.
   Your entire wedding ceremony is included, but for the other footage we do carefully edit to compress time for the sake of keeping the action moving and the story compelling. It’s much more difficult to edit in this style than it is to simply "chunk together" long, boring footage.


How long will it take to finish my video and photography gallery

   Typically, videos and photo galleries will take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete depending on the package you select and the season. We provide an estimated ship date on your contract.

How soon before my wedding date should I book your services?
   We recommend booking as soon as possible as it is not uncommon to have bookings 6 months to 1 year in advance.

Why should I book with Abracadabra Productions?
*Talented photograpers and  
  videographers for complete
  ceremony coverage.
*A videographer and photographer  who are part of the same team.
*Great camerawork.
*Meticulous editing.
*Creative photo retouching.
*Your Wedding Video and Photo  Sharing Gallery hosted online.
*We're professional, talented,  courteous, fun and enthusiastic!


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